The best AI content writing tools

4 Powerful Content AI Tools to Replace Content Writers

When we talk about content, right now, it is the most influential thing on earth. The non-perishable and everlasting method for marking your online presence is content marketing and content writing.

It’s not easy to write engaging and informative content that attract the readers. You will need to spend long hours or hire an excellent content writer who knows Search Engine Optimization well. These are both going to cost you time and money.

Companies are really struggling to find the right content writers, and they are hard to find. So if a company is not ready to invest in the content writers right now, here are some alternatives that don’t need much investment and the job of writing is done in a matter of minutes.

4 Powerful Content AI Tools to Replace Content Writers

The best AI content writing tools are:

  • Article Forge
  • Word AI
  • Article Builder
  • Canva

Article Forge

article forge - the best content writing tool

Article forge generates the content exactly the way a human being does, by using their informative algorithms. Its Smart algorithms automatically examine any topic, read millions of articles, and then write the article in their own words.

Article forge also helps with quick scheduling and posts content to WordPress automatically. The expense of the tool is available for $297 annually and $47 monthly along with 30 days money-back guarantee. However, if you are in a tight budget, alternatively you can subscribe to Article Forge Group Buy at $9/Monthly.

Word AI

Word AI - The best content spinning and generating tool

Word Ai is an automated spinning software that rewrites whole sentences and paragraphs so that new unique content can be accessed. It supports English, Spanish, French, and Italian languages and is one of the most used content rewriting tools.

You will be able to create human-readable content with a single click of your mouse using Word Ai. Based on the real meaning of the content, Word AI finds all possible ways to rewrite the article. Its monthly plan is $49.95 and $347 for an early plan. Alternatively, you can subscribe to Word AI Group Buy at $7 if you cannot afford to buy it from the official sellers.

Article Builder

Article Builder - the best article generator

Article Builder is an advanced content writing tool that can generate your desired content on any topic. It can generate articles with a minimum of 300 words to a maximum of 1, 000 words.

It utilizes existing content, rewrites it, and reorganizes it to create a new one. Information comes from various web-based data, including information or comments from forums or social media sites.

It is quite simple to use. You need to insert your keyword into the search bar, and article builder will generate a unique article for you based on your keyword. Article builder cost $197/year. However, you can subscribe to Article Builder Group Buy only at $7/Monthly if you cannot afford to buy it from the official seller.

Canva Pro

Canva - the best content design generator

Content is clearly not limited to words or the format of text. Digital media content generation also involves the development of media such as photographs and videos using the technology of AI automation.

Canva is an online tool where you can design any images. Canva provides a variety of templates for social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest etc. All you need to do is to insert the content into these templates, and you are ready to publish your design. Canva cost $9.95 / Month for a premium plan and $30 for enterprise plan. Alternatively, you can subscribe to Canva Group Buy only at $5/Month.