DomCop Group Buy 2020

DomCop Group Buy – Find Expired Domains Using Domcop

DomCop Group Buy is a software that allows you to find expiring domains, expired domains, and archived domains. You can find these Domains based on Ahrefs Domain Rating, Moz Rank, Domain Authority, Alexa Rank, SEMRush Rank, and Traffic Data, Domain Scope Traffic, and Social Statistics can be found here.

DomCop Group Buy does cost money to use, but if you are serious about discovering expired domains of high quality, it certainly is worth the investment. Because it helps you be more efficient, and you’ll save a lot of time when you’re more productive, which means you’ll probably see ROI from the cost of using this tool.

DomCop Group Buy 2020

As you will be saving a lot of time, and most importantly, you will be able to find domains that will eventually help you increase your organic search traffic and boost your SEO results. Which ultimately leads to more customers for your business.

DomCop Advantages

  • Along with Moz, Majestic, and SEMrush metrics, DomCop is the only domain search website that uses metrics such as DomainScope, Estibot, SimilarWeb, etc.
  • On one tab, it will show you a large number of metrics.
  • It is continuously introducing new functionality based on user reviews.

DomCop obtains metric data from a variety of third-party sources. That means their customers will always have the most reliable and timely metric details available. It also ensures that consumers can spend less time manually pursuing expired domains.

Why you need DomCop Group Buy?

SEOs are purchasing expired domains because of their backlinks. 200,000 + domains expire every day. For each of these domains, no SEO can pass through the backlinks. DomCop does for you, along with essential metrics for each domain, showing you a list of all these domains.

These metrics will lower the average list size from 200,000 + to only a handful of the best domains. What would take you hours would take you seconds to do now.

DomCop Group Buy 2020

Each of the third parties Domcop integrate with (e.g., Ahrefs, Moz, Majestic) will charge for obtaining the metrics for a domain. DomCop uses their API to get this data for you, so you don’t need to buy a separate account to get those metrics.

As new players enter the market, Domcop integrates with them to always have the best and most comprehensive set of metrics to help you decide which domain to buy, spending as little time and money as you can.

DomCop Group Buy 2020

DomCop Group Buy

The pricing of Domcop starts from $64, $106, and $198 monthly when you subscribe to it from the official seller, which is quite pricey, particularly for freelancers, individual bloggers, and small businesses. Therefore we have developed a platform, Group Buy SEO Tools, where multiple users can share the original cost of Domcop; in other words, DomCop Group Buy reduces the cost per person and utilizes all the premium features of Domcop.

So if you’re in a tight budget, grab your Domcop Group Buy and other SEO tools at a low price, Contact us here, and get privileges using Domcop Group Buy.