DomCop vs Spamzilla Comparison

How to Find Expired Domains With Great Backlinks

One of the most irritating things about obtaining expired domains is it takes hours to filter over a million domains to find one suitable and clean from spam.

Before you decide to buy the domain, You will need to make sure that the domain spam score, backlink profile, the anchor text, and the age of the domain. It is way too much work and time-consuming when you don’t have the right tools to use.

To find your desired domain in no time, you can consider the most popular expired domains finders; Spamzilla and Domcop. These tools will save you a lot of time as you can view all the expired domains in one place along with some fundamental matrix.

Let’s look into each tool in detail



Spamzilla is a cloud-based tool that scrapes numerous auction and expired domain lists and analyses each domain to filter out domains that have previously been exploited or misused using its own proprietary software. Spamzilla also used third-party sources like Ahrefs, Moz, and Majestic APIs to get the matrics, check the backlinks profile and anchor text of each domain.

Spamzilla Dashboard

Apart from that, Spamzilla comes out with a “Spamzilla score” of 1 to 100 which identifies the spam score for each domain. Spamzilla scores 1 means the domain is super clean, while 100 means the domain is spammy. A score of 20 or less is considered a “safe” Spamzilla score.


DomCop logo

DomCop is a popular tool that helps you to search for expired domains that may have exceptional Search Engine Optimization value. DomCop gathers millions of domains expired each month and gives you essential metrics on each of them.

DomCop Dashboard

With Domcop, you can filter down millions of expired domains. Besides that, Domcop allows you to check the expired domain Moz Domain Authority, Ahrefs Domain Ranking, Alexa rank, SEMRush rank and traffic information, language, domain extension, domain age, and more.

Domcop vs Spamzilla Pricing

Domcop Comes both with monthly and annual plans; Newbie Plan, Power Plan and Guru Plan which cost $56, $98, and $184 respectively. However, the cost will reduce by 40% if you subscribe annually. Alternatively, you can subscribe to DomCop Group Buy only at $10 monthly if you can’t afford to subscribe from the official seller.

On the other hand, Spamzilla comes with free basic plans which allow you to use the basic features and view 25 domains daily. The paid version costs $37/M, which is less expensive as compared to Domcop. However, if you are a freelancer or an individual blogger, and can not afford to buy it from Spamzilla official site, then we would recommend you to go for SpamZilla Group Buy which costs $7 monthly and enjoy the premium feature of Spamzilla at a low price.

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There are many reasons why domains expire. The most general is that the website owner may have forgotten to renew or didn’t want to renew the domain. So if you are looking for a clean and secure expired domain, you may consider the tools like Spamzilla and Domcop from the renowned affordable Group Buy SEO Tools platform and save both time and cost.