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In 2004, Rand Fishkin and Gillian Muessig established Moz. It was called SEOmoz and began as a blog and online community where some of the first SEO experts in the world shared their research and ideas. Today Moz is one of the essential tools for Digital Marketers.

However, it is quite expensive to subscribe, especially for individual bloggers, freelancers, and small businesses. Therefore, we have developed a platform Where a group of people can share the cost and use these premium SEO tools on a sharing basis such is Moz Group Buy and other premium SEO Tools at a low price.

Moz SEO Group Buy 2020

With its SEO campaigns, Moz provides two products, namely Moz Pro and Moz Local, to support businesses. Let’s take a close look at what they got to offer.

Moz Pro

Moz Pro is an all-in-one tool that helps enterprises manage many aspects of your SEO campaign. In addition to Google Analytics, it is a great tool to use.

Moz Pro helps you understand your audience better. When you visit your site, you gain insight as to how they got there. You see if they come from paid ads, search, or social media.

You can see with Moz Pro if your campaign is working for your audience. It enables you to keep track of how you rank for specific keywords. You’ll also see how you rate your competition for those keywords. Moz Pro’s crawler regularly combs through your site to search for problems. It crawls the site to check for errors, and report errors as soon as they are identified. It helps you to quickly and efficiently correct the errors.

Moz SEO Group Buy 2020

Moz Pro also offers features such as page optimization and opportunities for links. They offer numerous tools to help you succeed in your SEO plan.

The cost to Moz Pro varies depending on your plan size and whether you want to pay monthly or annually. The price ranges from $99-$ 999 per month for monthly plans, and $79-$ 799 per month for annual plans.

Moz Local

Local companies rank different from other companies in the search results. Moz Local is another software of Moz that aims to help local businesses optimize their listing.

First, you need to validate with Google or Facebook for your business listing. These local listings are an essential part of SEO because this is how your audience finds your business.

Moz SEO Group Buy 2020

Moz Local, with 1-99 locations, is an excellent option for small businesses. Moz Local makes your business listing easy to optimize. They make your data fill out once for each location. The rest of the information you receive is automated.

As a local company, reviews play a crucial role. With Moz Local, you’ll get notifications when someone reviews your business on a popular site, which allows you to reply promptly. It lets you shine a positive light on your business. The price ranges from $99-$ 249 per year.

Moz Pro Group buy Features

  • SEO Auditing
  • Keyword Research
  • Rank Tracking
  • Off-Page SEO
  • SEO Reporting

Moz SEO Group Buy

As We Mentioned at the beginning that Moz is quite expensive for small businesses for this purpose, we developed this platform to provide all premium SEO Tools on a sharing basis in other words, Group Buy SEO Tools to those who cant afford to buy it from the official sellers due to the high cost so, if you are one of those and looking for Moz Pro or other SEO Tools. You can check out our affordable pricing plane. We provide all Premium SEO Tools every month with fantastic support.

So if you’re in a tight budget then grab Moz Group Buy and your other desire SEO tool at a low price, contact us here and get privileges by using the Premium functions of all SEO Tools.

Subscribe Moz Pro – $9/Month